As is stereotypical for many young photographers, Parker Rice became immersed in
photography after acquiring a digital camera in 2005. The ability to shoot hundreds of images without limit isn’t always viewed as a good thing in the world of artistic photography, but limitless digital exposures allowed Parker’s obsession with capturing images to relentlessly build his skill set to an expert level.

Parker continued to develop his ability to frame the world by attending the

University of Colorado, Boulder’s film studies program. He added the element of

motion to much of his art, but his love for freezing time in a single image remained

the essence of his artistic passion.

After graduating from CU with a Bachelor’s of Fine Arts in film, Parker set foot

in the world of professional art by co-founding CinemaRaven, a digital cinema

and photography studio in Broomfield, Colorado. Through his company, he has

the opportunity to spend all of his time doing what he loves. Every project brings

new challenges and new opportunities, allowing Parker to continually develop his

unique look and signature style that defines his photography.